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700+ New Hentai Movies Are Now Live!05-02-2010 - 9:00 AM EST
As promised, our brand new section of new hentai movies is now live! Like our other hentai movies sections, our new hentai movies are available to our members in both high quality streaming and direct download formats! These new hentai movies are not only hot (we're talking extremely sexy hentai movies!), but many of them are very, very high quality. We're sure you are all going to love this huge section of new hentai movies, so go and check them out right now!

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High Quality Streaming Now Available For 4,500 Anime Movies!04-16-2010 - 9:00 AM EST
Hey everybody, we'd like to announce that we have now enabled high quality streaming for all of our anime movies that have the direct download formats of .AVI, .OGM, and .MP4! This means that we now have high quality streaming enabled for more than half our entire anime movies section (over 4,500 anime movies in total so far!), and all that remains to go live are the high quality streaming movies for our .MKV anime. The high quality streaming for our .MKV anime movies will go live sometime between April 28th and May 1st, we'll definitely make a point of announcing their availability here when the content does go live!

What is coming up next on our release schedule? Over 700+ new hentai videos, and our combined paysite access for the price of a single membership! (this specific update is scheduled for sometime in May). As usual, we have lots of really excited things coming up, so stay tuned!

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Direct Download Hentai Games Now Available For Our 3D Hentai Movies!04-09-2010 - 9:00 AM EST
You wanted to download the source 3d hentai games and 3d hentai movies for the best movies in our 3d hentai movies section, and now we have made them available! Simply check out the 3d hentai movies section, and all of the 3d hentai movies with a "Download 3D Hentai Game" link, have a direct download link available to their source 3d hentai game | 3d hentai movie! All you have to is go to the streaming movie player page for the 3d hentai movie you want to download, and the direct download link to the source 3d hentai game | 3d hentai movie can be found directly underneath the streaming movie player. This is a wonderful addition for all of our members that actually want to play the 3d hentai games directly (and being able to save the 3d hentai games to your computer), instead of watching us play them in our 3d hentai movies!

Now that we are finally offering direct downloads for our 3d hentai movies, this means that every single movie section on our website: new hentai movies, full hentai movies, 3d hentai movies, anime movies, cosplay porn movies, and jav porn movies offer both streaming hentai movies and direct downloads to our members!

Thatís not all: keep an eye on our new hentai movies section, we have approx 700 new hentai movies that we're going to be releasing in both streaming and direct download formats, and these new movies are extremely hot! As well, our anime movies section is going to be offering higher quality streaming. All of this will start being launched next week (we're wrapping up preparation and the uploading of this new content to our servers), so stay tuned here for more updates!

Adult XXX Hentai ~ now offering high quality streaming and direct downloads for every single movie section of our website! Join now to get all the awesome hentai and anime today!
- Fumiko -
Brand New Section: 1000s Of Streaming | Direct Download Anime Videos!03-14-2010 - 9:00 AM EST
We've got a major update to announce to you all -- a brand new anime videos section!

Our new anime section has some of the best anime series, anime OAVs and anime theatrical releases, and each of the thousands of anime videos in this section are provided in both streaming and direct download video formats! The storylines of these anime videos are really entertaining, and will be enjoyed by all of our hentai fans that actually like Japanese style artwork / animation, engaging stories, etc. This is a huge update that we're really proud to finally be able to offer, as it helps bring us closer to our goals of becoming an amazing resource for both hentai and anime (the two things that we are really passionate about).

As a plus for our hentai fans, many of the series featured in our anime videos section also have hentai available in our anime hentai manga section! These anime hentai manga become much more arousing | intense when you are actually familiar with the characters, and their stories (think of it as anime celebrity porn).

So what are you waiting for? Join now to become a member of one of the best hentai *and* anime websites online!
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