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Full Hentai Movies Last Updated: April.12.2012 - 09:19 PM EST
A premium selection of the absolute best Full Length Hentai Movies available online! Our Full Hentai Movies are featured in extremely high video and audio quality, with file sizes that are fairly quick to download (depending on your internet connection speed). Along with these movies being made available in direct download format (for downloading to your harddrive - requires our Recommended Codec Pack), this is also the first collection of movies to use our incredible streaming platform online. Our streaming hentai movies have been created with the highest quality video and audio available, and every single hentai movie that is marked as "Dual Audio" has both an English Subtitled and English Dubbed version available via streaming!!! (for instant playback - requires the Adobe Flash Player). We're determined to provide the best Full Hentai Movie streaming and direct download service on the web, and once you've tried it, we're sure you will agree!
Total Files: 145Total Size: 33 GBTotal Series: 52Total Ratings: 0Total Views: 2,249,889Total Downloads: 9,920,913
Import Hentai Movies Last Updated: July.15.2011 - 04:04 PM EST
An awesome collection of the newest and hottest hentai movies straight from Japan! These import hentai movies are brand new studio releases, and although these titles have not been picked up yet for North American distribution, we've gotten our hands on many quality fan translated episodes in English! These movies are our handpicked personal favorites, and like most of our other movie sections, we're happy to provide all of the hentai movies in both direct download (to your hardrive - requires our Recommended Codec Pack), and high quality streaming (for instant playback - requires the latest Adobe Flash Player) formats! This is another welcome addition to our hentai movie archives, and we're very pleased to present them for your viewing pleasure!
Total Files: 397Total Size: 90.6 GBTotal Series: 204Total Ratings: 0Total Views: 20,313Total Downloads: 10,838,344
Hentai Gameplay Movies Last Updated: April.12.2012 - 09:19 PM EST
This brand new section of hentai movies has been put together for those who want to instantly experience the gameplay of the hottest Interactive Hentai Games, without having to go to through the hassle of downloading large files, enabling Japanese Language Support on your operating system, and then trying to figure out how to successfully install these Interactive Games. We have put together this new section of exclusive, high quality hentai movies so that you can enjoy everything the best Interactive Hentai Games have to offer with no hassle! For your convenience, these Hentai Gameplay Movies are available exclusively via our high quality streaming platform (for instant playback -requires the Adobe Flash Player). Simply click the Hentai Gameplay Movie link you want to watch, sit back, and enjoy the show!
Total Files: 93Total Size: 15.9 GBTotal Ratings: 0Total Views: 1,207,066Total Downloads: 11,940,685
Cosplay And JAV Archive Last Updated: July.15.2011 - 04:04 PM EST
Cosplay (aka as "costume roleplaying") can be defined as the act of dressing up and acting like a particular character or person. Being the perverts we are, we like to take this concept one step further - having sexy, naughty girls dress up like characters, and letting them run wild to satisfy our sexual imaginations! In this section you will find a variety of cosplay movies, ranging from those based on popular anime and video game series, to those based on a variety of real world outfits (nurse, maids, school girl, teacher). We've also got a few adult cosplay rarities, from perverted Power Rangers, to an awesome collection of real life hentai! All the movies in this section are provided in both our awesome quality streaming (requires the latest Adobe Flash Player), and direct download (to your hardrive - requires our Recommended Codec Pack) formats for your convenience!
Total Files: 103Total Size: 26.3 GBTotal Ratings: 0Total Views: 29,530Total Downloads: 5,655,261
Anime TV / OVA / Movies Last Updated: July.15.2011 - 04:04 PM EST
Our collection of the most popular Anime TV Series / OVAs / Movies in all major genres (action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, etc.) These anime are *not* sexually explicit, but have incredibly engaging storylines, and if you are wondering "why include this collection on a hentai site?" the answer is simple: anime is simply a must see for those who have any appreciation for high quality Japanese style artwork -- complimented with awesome storylines. Most of us seasoned hentai fans (personally speaking) were anime fans first, and through our love for anime, we became drawn to the hentai universe. This is why we think it's extremely important to spread the wealth to our members, especially if you have little to no exposure to the world of anime! Most of the movies in this section are provided solely in direct download format (download straight to your hardrive - requires our Recommended Codec Pack), but we have converted a few of today's most popular anime series (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note, Ippo, etc) so that they can be offered alternatively using our streaming service (instant playback - requires the Adobe Flash Player. Also, because many anime fans do have a kinky side and wonder what would happen if popular anime characters in these Anime Series had sex, many of these series have sexually explicit Doujinshi (Anime / Game Based Hentai Manga) available! After watching an Anime Series, always check to see if our Doujinshi Archive has any sexually explicit offerings for that series!
Total Files: 278Total Size: 56.9 GBTotal Series: 23Total Ratings: 0Total Views: 12Total Downloads: 3,043,179
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Not only do we have an awesome variety of Hentai, Anime, Cosplay, JAV movies, we're also one of a few hentai websites online that can honestly say we've perfected the two most popular means of delivering movies online: via direct download *and* streaming. There is no other website (that is not part of our network) that can currently say that they offer BOTH English Subtitled and English Dubbed (whenever available) streaming hentai movies (easily switchable with a dropdown above our streaming media player), along with delivering insanely high streaming bitrates (meaning you get access to the highest possible streaming quality available!). That's not all though, in addition to our incredible streaming service, we also provide instant access to the direct download versions of every single movie we offer (except those in our exclusive Hentai Gameplay Movies section ~ we're the only ones on the internet to offer those movies and we intend to keep it that way). So whether you are a hentai fanatic looking for a quick fix with our Streaming Service (requires the Latest Adobe Flash Player), or an avid collector that likes to download the highest quality Hentai, Anime, Cosplay, JAV movies straight to your harddrive (requires our Recommended Codec Pack) ~ we've got *everything* you need and more!

Support Status: We are committed to providing full support to help ensure the playback of both our streaming and direct download movies onto your computer! Please consult our Support Center for our movie guides and tutorials before reaching us on our Contact Page.
Last Updated: April.12.2012 - 09:19 PM EST
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